Stop repeating “Alexa” when you want to issue follow up commands

Stop repeating “Alexa” when you want to issue follow up commands

Finding yourself getting sick and tired of Alexa’s name?

We all reach that point where we start to issue multiple commands, in a chain, and its a pain to always say “Hey Alexa” before each command.

Now, Amazon has introduced a new feature update that allows you to skip repeating Alexa’s name, when you want to issue follow-up or follow-on commands! This is called Follow-Up Mode, and is available to enable quickly in your Alexa App settings.

The full instructions from Amazon are here, but below are the quick steps you can take:

  1. Open the Side Menu in the app, through the hamburger icon in the top left
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Choose the Alexa device you want to enable Follow-Up Mode for (you have to do it one device at a time – I know, a bit painful!)
  4. Scroll down the settings page, until you find Follow-Up Mode
  5. Toggle the switch to enable to the mode

In Follow-Up Mode, your Alexa device will continue to listen for your voice for 5 seconds after completing the previous action.

Note that there are several situations where Alexa would override Follow-Up Mode and not listen for your voice – for example when it has already started playing music or an audiobook.

How to know that Alexa is still listening for your voice? Look for the lit blue ring around the device, which means that Alexa is in listening mode.

At Best Commands, we’re super excited about this change because it allows us to use our Alexa in a more “pro” way – easily chaining commands, or using commands that needs several steps to complete. Saving alot of time too (those seconds saying “Hi Alexa” really add up!).

For example, you now easily do a four command night routine, like:

“Hey Alexa, turn down the thermostat to 18 degrees”

“Switch off all the lights”

“Lock the front door”

“Set alarm for 7am tomorrow”


Give it a try, and let us know how you get along!