Play Music to Another Bluetooth Speaker from your Google Home

Play Music to Another Bluetooth Speaker from your Google Home

One of the things that impressed me about the Google Home device was the amazing sound quality – for such a small package, it did pack in quite a punch, with above average bass.

However, if you have amazing professional bluetooth speakers at home, you can automatically “cast” any music (Spotify, TuneIn, Google Music, etc) to your chosen speaker, instead of being played through the speakers on your Google Home or Google Home Mini.

For example, I have a Bose SoundTouch 300 in my living room, and a Google Home Mini on my sidetable next to my sofa. Seeing how the SoundTouch cost me over £600 and gives a much better sound than the Google Home Mini, I would be silly not to play music through it.

How to set up a bluetooth speaker to “pair” with your Google Home device?

Easy – first open the device icon in the top right of your Google Home app

Find your device and go into the Settings menu

Go to the Default music speaker page

Pair/connect your bluetooth speaker to your Google Home device


From now on, when you request music through your Google Home device, it will automatically start playing it through your connected bluetooth speaker!

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