Hidden Shopping List with Google Home Assistant

Hidden Shopping List with Google Home Assistant

Got a new Google Home recently? You might not know that it comes with a (very basic) shopping list, which works well with voice commands, especially if you locate your Google Home in the kitchen like I do.

Realise you’re out of milk while standing in front of the fridge?

Use the last scoop of salt while cooking?

Now you can shout at Google across the room to add it to your shopping list, and while you’re out at the supermarket, retrieve that list! The best thing is there’s no new app to download, as its stored in the cloud. All you need is a browser.

To access your shopping list the first time, you can find it in your Google Home App, under the left hand menu that slides out:

Shopping List link in your Google Home app left hand menu

Only, its not actually part of the app, but opens a webpage in your Chrome browser:



Which means that you can access your Google Shopping List anywhere you have a web browser (laptop, iPad, phone) to view, add, or delete items on your list. Just bookmark the following link in your browser, and you’re good to go: https://shoppinglist.google.com/

Now, if only Google would allow you to share your shopping list with third parties, then you could view them while on your favourite grocery sites (Ocado, Tesco, ASDA, and Fresh Direct for our readers over in the US!)