Getting morning commute updates via Google Home

Getting morning commute updates via Google Home

If you are like me, I hate spending time stuck in traffic or public transport when commuting to work. Before I got my Google Home, I used to check the status of my drive or public transport commute right after brushing my teeth, in order to plan whether I needed to dash out of the house immediately or take a leisurely long breakfast and head off to work slightly later.

This usually involved checking Google Maps on my phone, or going on Citymapper to see my public transport commute options and line status.

With Google Home, you can get commute updates via voice. Just ask:

“How long will it take to get to work?”

Of course, in order for Google Assistant to understand what you mean by “work”, you need to configure two things to make this happen:

  1. Sign in to your Google account on Google Maps (either phone or web) and set up your “work” address.
  2. Open your Google Now app on your phone, and go into settings, and Commute. Within there, you can set your preferred mode of transport for commuting (public transport, driving, etc) and also for other journeys
  3. Go into your Google Home app, go to More Settings, and enable “Personal Results” so that Google is able to serve up personalised answers

Google will provide you with estimated time, for your preferred mode of transport. However, if you want to hear the estimated time for another mode of transport, just follow up by saying:

“Hey Google, and what about driving”

And if you want to hear the exact route or directions that Google is recommending, you can follow up with:

“Hey Google, what are the directions”

Notice that Google Assistant recognises that you’re asking follow up questions relating to your original commute to work query – neat right?

For more help with traffic commands for Google Home, visit the official commute & traffic page from Google.