Can’t get enough of “Hey Google”? Get it on your iPad too!

Can’t get enough of “Hey Google”? Get it on your iPad too!

Finally, Google now has its amazing Google Assistant app available for the iPad. I much prefer Google to Apple’s Siri, so I was super excited when I heard the announcement.

Lets be honest, the iPad is one of the best tablets on the market – I have an Android phone (Huawei P10), Google Home, and use a Windows computer, but when I went looking for a tablet, the only one that I considered was the Apple iPad.

Now, you can get Google Assistant on it, so you can talk to your iPad, like you do to your Android phone or Google Home.

The best thing? In iOS11, you can do multitasking – with Google Assistant available on the side, while you use your apps like normal. Hugely powerful:

You can use the Google Assistant sidebar to check your calendar, check the weather, look up a word definition, or literally anything else you can do with Google Assistant normally.

Want to test run your new Google Assistant app on your iPad? Test out the following cool commands recommended by Google:

“dim the lights” (if you have your lighting, like Philips Hue, connected)

“watch the latest news on the living room TV” (to cast news to your connected TV. You can replace “latest news” with something else of your choice!)

“video call mom” or “text Lauren” (to keep in touch with your friends and family)

“remind me to take out the recycling at 8 PM” (add a reminder for yourself)