5 Useful & Popular Alexa Skills for your Echo

5 Useful & Popular Alexa Skills for your Echo

Just got a new Amazon Echo?

One of the best things about Amazon’s AI is the growing list of Skills developed by third parties to add additional functionality to your Amazon Alexa. Think of it like Apple’s iPhone App Store – while there is already a great list of inbuilt functionality with your Amazon Echo, you can install new Skills to make it smarter, better, and funnier.

Below are 5 apps that we think are worth downloading!

1) Escape The Room

This Alexa Skill is a glimpse into the future potential of voice AI. Have you played an escape room before? This is the equivalent voice controlled version! Currently there are three rooms, and you interact with the virtual “room” via asking questions. For example “Look Left” and Alexa will tell you what’s there in the room. Or “inspect the lamp” to get a description or useful clue.

2) Sleep & Relaxation Sounds

Having trouble sleeping or need some soothing background sounds? This is the perfect app. It will gently play over 50 gently soothing sounds. And the playlist will keep looping, until you say stop, so you can have it gently playing in the background all night while you sleep peacefully!

3) Millionaire Quiz Game

Are you familiar with the popular TV quiz show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” This game sounds very suspiciously like a copy of it, allowing you a shot at your own fame and $1m dollars. Just answer 14 simple questions…..

It even comes with the three lifelines that you can use to get the answers you need!

4) Pikachu Talk

One of the funniest apps we’ve come across, and some of its answers are truly hilarious! Don’t forget to ask Pikachu to “use Thunderbolt…”

5) Morrisons Supermarket

This one is less fun, but more practical. If you shop online for groceries at Morrisons, you can now add items to your shopping list with commands to Alexa. This is particularly useful if you have your Amazon Echo in the kitchen. Unfortunately, at this time you can’t select a delivery date and time, or checkout yet – you’ll still have to do those final steps on your phone or web browser.

Looking for more Skills? Check out the Amazon Skills Store for loads of other skills!