Alexa News

Amazon Buys Ring, Stakes Increased in Battle With Google

Amazon buys Ring for a reported cool US$1bn+. The battle between Amazon and Google is heating up in the smart home space!

Google News

Can’t get enough of “Hey Google”? Get it on your iPad too!

Google has just launched its Google Assistant app for the iPad – providing an alternative to Apple’s Siri.

Google Integrations

Pro Commands for Tado on Google Assistant

These pro commands with Google Assistant will make you get the best control of your Tado heating or cooling system.

Google Commands

Play Music to Another Bluetooth Speaker from your Google Home

Have an awesome speaker at home? Get your Google Home device to “cast” the music to your speakers automatically!

Alexa Integrations

Amazon Echo & Roomba – Create a Cinderella!

On the one hand, your friends will get a kick out of it when they visit. On the other hand, poor old Cinderella and poor old Roomba!

Alexa Commands

How To Use Your Amazon Echos to Broadcast to All Devices

Amazon has released a new feature, called Alexa Announcements. Now you can simultaneously broadcast your voice to ALL your Alexa enabled devices in your home, all through one command.